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Veteran-Owned Search Firm - Small Business Acquisition USA


Seeking a small business acquisition as part of a clear path to successful transfer of ownership

Business Acquisition USA | Sell Your Business in the USA

Shunga Trails is a veteran-owned firm that is exclusively focused on acquiring and operating mature small to medium-sized companies in the United States.

As resourceful and experienced entrepreneurs, we partner with accomplished business owners in support of their transition or exit plans. We can help if you have one or more of the following interests:

​To sell your business to pursue new endeavors

To sell a majority stake but hold onto a small percentage of roll-over equity

To set the stage for retirement by securing a highly-competent successor

To transition out of a leadership role but retain a niche role and maintain a small equity stake

Business Acquisition USA | Sell Your Business in the USA
Business Acquisition USA | Sell Your Business in the USA

As an established player in acquiring, managing, and growing a company, I believe in optimizing growth opportunities for long-term value creation, while honoring the lasting legacy of a business owner and his/her team.

Richard Kent, Founder and Managing Partner

Why Shunga Trails?

Backed by a team of strong investors with abundant capital and best-of-breed experience, Shunga Trails always comes to the table prepared. Unlike PE firms looking for a business primed for a flip, we are equipped to acquire and lead your small business’ operations.

Our Process

With specific acquisition criteria curated and refined with time-tested experience, we are interested in engaging with mature companies who may be a good fit. From the initial call to the final closing, our streamlined process helps business owners navigate the complexities of a successful transfer of ownership with confidence.

Are you interested in selling your business?

Schedule your Confidential Call Today.

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